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Serbisyong totoo lang!




August 17th, 2009

What will you do if the only customer of your multimillion-peso business says his company can do without you? This Wednesday on 18Probe Profiles,' Cheche Lazaro gets the answer from Dr. Cecilio K. Pedro, a businessman who turned adversity into opportunity.

In a one-on-one interview, Dr. Pedro recounts his humble beginnings and his life-altering experience as a discarded supplier for a multinational toothpaste brand. Looking back at the day he was told that the company no longer needed his goods, Dr. Pedro shares his gung-ho approach to business as he turned the death of his multimillion-peso firm into the birth of a small wholly Filipino-owned toothpaste company--Lamoiyan Corp., makers of Hapee toothpaste--that dared to compete with the giants in the industry.

In a field where the bottomline is the common yardstick of success, Dr. Pedro imparts lessons on how to keep a business thriving while treading the thin line between profitability and social responsibility.

Get ready to learn Dr. Pedro 19s formula for success on Wednesday, August 19, on 18Probe Profiles 19 after 18Bandila 19 on ABS-CBN. 18Probe Profiles 19 is replayed Fridays at 3 a.m. and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. on the ABS-CBN News Channel. The episodes may also be viewed for free on Probe 19s official website, www.probetv.com.

August 15th, 2009

A young Filipino soldier, a newly wed at that, died in combat with the Abu Sayyaf this week. The last thing Darylle Toroy had texted his wife was that he was going into an operation, and goodbye.

In Quezon City, an unidentified man was found dead in an abandoned bus last night. Holed up in the bus for two weeks, with no one handing him alms or food, the man supposedly died of hunger.

As of this moment, Christian Rossiter, 49, is very much alive in Australia -- happy, he says, that he has won his right do die. Yesterday, a judge ruled that Rossiter, whose arms and legs are both paralyzed and who could hardly breathe, now has the right to refuse feeding and to waste away and die.

In philosophy of religion, we reflect on death. We say that death is not the end -- there is hope. But there are people still living and breathing, even we ourselves when we least notice it, who think they have reached the end.

The challenge is to counter this culture of death with the spirit of hope. How can we be hope to others?

August 9th, 2009

'I am good'

As we saw in this week's mourning, it is easy to extol the goodness in other people. But why is it that we find it difficult, even vain, unnatural, and unacceptable, to appreciate the goodness in ourselves?

At the end of each day, we thank God for acts of goodness extended to us and say sorry for our misdeeds, sometimes to the point of self-flagellation. It will also be a good practice, I think, to spend some time recalling our own good deeds and thanking God for these. Beyond self-praise, we ought to pay tribute to the God who created us and said, "It is good."

Finding goodness where it is difficult to find it--in difficult people, in problems, in tragic events--is a skill that needs to be honed. It starts with the person whose goodness we appreciate the least: ourselves.

July 25th, 2009

Far from his on-screen image, the life of Dolphy is not at all a laughing matter. This Wednesday, 18Probe Profiles 19 peels the layers of Rodolfo 1cDolphy 1d Quizon and reveals the drama behind his movie persona.


Profiles 19s host Cheche Lazaro sits for a tete a tete with Dolphy who shares highlights of his private life seldom discussed in public. The 81-year-old comedian weaves a powerful story of his triumphs and losses as a lover, father and friend, punctuated by repartees only the King of Comedy can deliver with perfect timing.


Catch Dolphy in his most unguarded moments on 18Probe Profiles, 19 July 29 after 18Bandila 19 on ABS-CBN. 18Probe Profiles 19 is replayed Fridays at 3 a.m. and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. on the ABS-CBN News Channel. The episodes may also be viewed for free 14in premium quality 14on www.probetv.com.

July 19th, 2009

The magic of aging Bata


When billiards legend Efren 1cBata 1d Reyes bowed to the younger Ronnie Alcano in a much-awaited showdown last June, fans lost heart. Has 1cThe Magician 1d run out of tricks?


In a rare sit-down interview with Cheche Lazaro for 18Probe Profiles, 19 Bata, hailed as 1cThe Magician 1d of billiards, discusses life at the top and slowing down. He demonstrates his skills on-cam and intimates how he is taking his losses.


One of Time magazine 19s Asian heroes, Bata harks back to his beginnings as a 1cbata 1d standing on stacks of Coke cases to reach the pool table to his iconic rise as a world champion. He talks about billiards 19 rising stars, his lucky charms, and his ebbing game.


Lazaro asks Reyes the question foremost in everyone 19s mind 14will his magic ever be back? Watch out for the answer and The Magician as he weaves his magic and deals with thoughts of retirement in this episode of 18Probe Profiles 19 on Wednesday, July 22, after 18Bandila 19 on ABS-CBN. 18Probe Profiles 19 is replayed Fridays at 3 a.m. and Sundays at 1:30 p.m. on the ABS-CBN News Channel. It may also be viewed for free 14in premium quality 14on www.probetv.com.

April 8th, 2009

Judas and Jesus


"Whatever Judas's degree of guilt and whatever his motive, it is extremely important to note that Jesus identifies his betrayer by feeding him. Not by turning over the table and casting him out. Not by tying him to his chair so he cannot carry out his plan, but by feeding him--dipping a morsel into his own cup and giving it to Judas, whose feet he has just washed.

Knowing who Judas is and what he is about to do, Jesus does not throw him out. He bathes him and feeds him, which means that Judas is never--never--excluded from the circle of friends. He is included until he excludes himself.

Jesus went on giving himself away to the one who would give him away, because his faithfulness did not depend on theirs. When he dipped the morsel in his cup and handed it to Judas, he not only revealed who Judas was, he also revealed who he was. The one who feeds his enemies--who goes on treating them as friends--loving them to the end."

--Barbara Brown Taylor



Courtesy of Fr. Danny Huang, SJ. Visit his site for more Lenten reflections.

March 19th, 2009

Why confess?


Lenten reflection #1 from the blog of Fr. Danny Huang, SJ:

"If we go to confession, it is not to plead for forgiveness from God. It is to thank him for it. . . When God forgives our sins, he is not changing his mind about us. He is changing our minds about him. He does not change; he is never anything but loving; he is love."

--Herbert McCabe, OP

March 15th, 2009

"May panahong parang nagkakasalungat ang damdamin at pag-uunawa. Halimbawa, merong isang doktor na sabik na sabik sa medisina. Nararamdaman niyang meron siyang ginagawang mahalaga at nakatutulong sa kapwa. Meron siyang interes, pananabik. Subalit sa paglipas ng panahon, napapagod siya sa trabaho, nawawalan ng gana. Pero nauunawaan niyang maaari pa siyang magtrabaho. Matutulungan pa niya ang kanyang kapwa kahit wala nang sabik na damdamin.


"Sa pagkapagod, maaaring maunawaan niyang nakatutulong pa rin siya sa iba, na makabuluhan pa rin ang kanyang ginagawa.

"Samakatuwid, ang pag-uunawa ay ginagamit ng tao para makita ang katotohanan. Hindi ibig sabihin nito'y hindi na mahalaga ang damdamin. Pero kahit mawala ang damdamin, mauunawaan mo pa ring may saysay ang iyong ginagawa."

-Padre Roque Ferriols, SJ Nobyembre 13, 2007 (mula sa isang post ni Junefe Gilig Payot sa 'Ferriols Babies' group sa Facebook)

March 12th, 2009

It's Korina Sanchez holding hands with Mar Roxas on Showbiz News Ngayon -- a showbiz program using a newscast format -- as the journalist and the politician talk about their wedding. It's a watchdog of the powerful, a.k.a. a woman of media, planning to get wed with the powerful himself, a.k.a. one who might be President, on a show reporting on gossip using a format, a.k.a. a newscast, that's supposed to be based on facts.

Between news and propaganda and information and entertainment, the lines are blurrier than ever.


February 15th, 2009

"'All is given, all is received.' Nothing really important in my life was chosen by myself; everything came (as Cardinal Ratzinger likes to say) "from outside, and ultimately from the Lord." I cannot think of a single really major task to be done, responsibility to be borne, endeavor to be undertaken, which was not given from outside myself; everything was 'assigned,' 'received.'

"The choice of theological graduate studies at Rome and seminary teaching afterwards, the starting of what is now LST, unexpected assignments from the two Roman Curias--not one came from me; they were given .... I might be allowed to cite again the words of Teilhard the Chardin regarding his own life: 'My self, my life ... have been given to me, far more than they were shaped by myself.'"

-Fr. Catalino Arevalo, SJ, in his Windhover essay titled "All is given ... all is received," in celebration of his 50th year as a fully professed Jesuit.

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